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Index 2014

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Mach 7x120MACH 7: Get the new generation of VFR pre-flight and in-flight software. There are many different digital tools available for VFR flight preparation but often you have to mix and match them to assemble everything you need to prepare and monitor your flight. Some systems are so complex they need instructions. To address this issue, MACH 7 has launched a new generation software for helping to prepare and  monitor VFR flights. The main characteristics of this are:Totally intuitive, no instructions needed. A holistic service: everything is included in a single web + tablet tool. A free high performance version: MACH 7 Freemium. Go to page.
IT Brainx120Kiwi Random Wallpaper: IT trick. Automated streaming of desktop wallpapers across your Windows 8.1 devices using free “Kiwi Remote Wallpaper” and free cloud storage (Skydrive, Dropbox, Cubby). Article by Samuel BALLEY, 09 January 2014. Love4aviation is a Company set up in 2007 and operating in several countries. We are leveraging on IT tools to rationalize operating costs and maintain rock solid business fundamentals. Sharing Gb of data among team members based on each sides of the planet is a daily challenge. We thought today we could share a bit of our IT tricks to change from the aviation only related news. Go to page.
Pont battant 1x120Teammate profile: Christophe Monterlos. Photographer and independent professional video-maker, Christophe Monterlos shoots and produces documentaries as part of personal project as well as with artists. Christophe is’s video editor. Examples of his latest creations: SHAKER. "Contemporary art project of the artist Patrice Ferrasse with the photographer Christophe Monterlos. Work realized in the Citadel of Besançon with the center of art Le Pavé Dans La Mare. Double action shaker consists in briskly stirring the ingredients of an organized system to mix it and refresh it. It involves inverting certain items within the Citadelle with a view to making a portrait gallery. Go to page
Jon Devinex120Teammate profile: Meet Jonathan Devine. Jon is Love4aviation’s agent in Australia for the E-LSA MCR “ute”. “Jon currently owns a construction business, specialising in remote area construction.  Most of its success relies on extreme diligence well before workers get anywhere near the site, and crucially, forming networks of reliable supply chains as timely logistics is paramount when a long way from the nearest hardware store.  A shortage of 10 bolts can cost many days and tens of thousands of dollars in downtime – to be avoided.  He marvels at the fact you can get an aircraft into a 40 foot container in the centre of France, and reassembled in Melbourne with quarantine complete for less than a single semi-trailer cost from the bottom of Western Australia to the top.” Go to page.
AAFI x120AAFI speeks out against experience needed. The Australian Association of Flying Instructors (AAFI) has labeled a section of Part 61 reforms an "impediment" to the training industry. When asked to assess the impact of CASR Part 61 changes, the AAFI, through Acting President Andrew Smith, singled-out for criticism the requirement for instructors to accrue 50 hours of instructional experience before teaching certain endorsements. "A huge impediment has been raised with the introduction of a requirement for an instructor to hold 50 hours instructional experience in many activities before they can conduct training for an endorsement," they told Australian Flying.   Read more


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